• The wheat book : principles and practice
          نویسنده / نویسندگان: W K. Anderson J R. Garlinge

          The second edition of The Wheat Book has been
          somewhat changed from the original edition. Some of the
          authors of the chapters of the first edition have moved on
          or were no longer available to revise their contributions.
          The editors and authors of the second edition acknowledge
          the original contributors, especially Michael Perry and
          Brian Hillman who edited the first edition. Some of the
          chapters in the second edition are revisions of the original
          chapters and in these cases the original authors are
          acknowledged at the start of each chapter.
          There are some new chapters or sections on weed
          management, grain quality, marketing, durum wheat, feed
          wheat and triticale and several chapters have been
          considerably expanded. All chapters have been revised to
          include new information where applicable.
          The reaction from readers of the first edition of The
          Wheat Book has indicated that major users have included
          consultants, company agronomists, undergraduate
          students, technical specialists in machinery companies,
          seed merchants and fertilizer companies, in addition to
          wheat growers. As a consequence we have decided to
          slightly change the emphasis of the second edition from “A
          technical manual for wheat producers” to “Principles and
          practice of wheat production” to accommodate this wider
          group of users.
          The Grains Research and Development Corporation
          has funded the printing costs of the second edition. Most
          of the authors are employed by Agriculture Western
          Australia and most have contributed their time and talents
          as an extra-curricular activity.
          W. K. Anderson and J. Garlinge (editors)
          THE WHEAT BOOK

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